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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Word Count Wednesday - Under the Arena and Among the Giants

Hello everyone,

     So, I am madly writing and editing and revising this month for Camp NaNoWriMo! I've made my camp project revision and completion of Asa Oathkeeper Among the Giants, the long-awaited sequel to The Saga of Asa Oathkeeper. But I'm still catching up on my other projects, like my regular Tales From Midhgardhur stories (you don't need to remind me that I'm behind, I know, I know!)

     I finished a new story for the Tales called "Under the Arena," set in the Constantinople of Midhgardhur, a city the Northerners call Mikligardhur. Unlike our world, gladiatorial competition was never banned in Mikligardhur, and a Northerner named Lambi must find a way to escape his life as a gladiator in the Grand Arena, or find himself buried in an unmarked grave under it. Check it out on Tales From Midhgardhur on Channillo!

     Ormsbani has been put on the back burner (again!) while I'm working on Asa Oathkeeper Among the Giants for Camp NaNoWriMo. My goal was to edit and revise the existing manuscript of 50,516 words and continue the story, with the goal of hitting 70,000 words by the end of April. As of today, I am finished with the editing and revision of the existing manuscript; now I have some hard writing to do! I have made a huge dent in my goal, but much of that seems to be adding a Word-Hoard (Glossary) to the manuscript!

     I already have my next few projects for Tales scheduled - one called "Spring Sacrifice" I have barely started, and another called "Far From the Tree" I want to have done before 4/27/18 (Arbor Day!). I also have slowly started working again on the Midhgardhur Wikia. I had started the Wikia project at the same time I started the Tales From Midhgardhur series, with the intent to update it a little every day. That was almost three years ago, and the project has lain mostly abandoned in favor of more exciting projects. But the necessity of a glossary for my current book has sent me back to the notion that fans of Midhgardhur books and stories would be well served if they could look up unfamiliar words on our own Wikipedia! I am also still in love with the idea of being able to "show my work" as my math teachers always demanded - to be able to talk a little bit about the inspirations and sources for people and things in my stories. Eventually, I want to have the Wikia filled with all that sort of information. Check it out! It is very much a work in progress, but I think you'll be able to see the possibilities!

Current Works in Progress:
Ormsbani (novel) - 71,008 words (holding steady)
Asa Oathkeeper Among The Giants (novel) - 60,092 words (up from 50,516 words)

“Under the Arena" - (story) - 7268
"Spring Sacrifice" - (story) - 0 (well, like 5 words)

That's all for now! Happy Reading, and Skál!
~ Colin Anders Brodd

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